Is it a Cross-Country Ski or a Gliding Snowshoe?


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Are You Skishoeing Yet?


Go blissfully off the packed trail and get the skishoe feeling.


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Trackers Skishoes has become a dealer for Faber S-Line Sliding Step Snowshoes and Altai Hok skis! Trackers are still unavailable because we’re transitioning to mass producing them by injection molding, a process that takes awhile. The Faber S-Lines and Altai Hoks are similar to ours but just enough different to give us a more diverse product line. It also allows us to get skishoes to you quicker during the Covid pandemic as companies deal with supply chain and labor issues.


The lightweight Fabers track laterally like Trackers and excel at floating down steep powder under control. See the video. The Altai Hoks are a free-heeling ski with a special bottom that gives you tremendous traction uphill and slows you on descents.


Welcome to the world of skishoes, the hybrid snowshoe that glides. Plying the backcountry on gliding snowshoes becomes addictive, as you’ll feel smug in icy conditions and experience the joy of floating through powder. You’ll find yourself venturing off packed trails to places you wouldn’t normally go, opening up whole new panoramas.


Skishoeing allows snowshoers and hikers to glide, adding to the fun. At the same time, cross-country skiers can climb uphill easier and ski a broader range of conditions and terrain. And the concept lends itself to beginners who don’t do either sport but want to get out and play in the winter. See the video.


The key to our skishoes, both the Trackers and Faber S-Lines, is the tracking fins that run lengthwise along the bottom. They give traction for climbing on snow and ice, slow you on downhills, and minimize lateral sliding as you glide along.

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Shops and Areas with Demo Skishoes Available

Greek Peak Nordic Center
Virgil, NY,
607-835-6562 (Friday – Sunday), (800) 955-2754 ext. 6441,

Kenco Outfitters
Kingston, NY,, 845-338-5021

Carter’s Cross Country Ski Shop
Bethel, ME,, 207-824-3880

Jackson Ski Touring Foundation
Jackson, NH,, 603-383-9355

TART Trails
Traverse City, MI,, 231-941-4300, 857-205-3605

2022-23 Demo Tour Schedule
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Comments from customers and observers


“I was out the last 2 days in 8 to 10 inches of nice light fluffy snow - its great!”

Gino in Kanata, Ontario


“Ascending is fantastic. The grip and stability while going up inclines is remarkable, and I am quite impressed.”

Lucas in  Windham, Maine


“I bought them and have been using them for fatbike grooming. They are pretty good for that because they don't post hole the snow the way a regular snowshoe does when your toe goes through. Also they leave a pretty nice smooth path.”

Peter in Swanzey, New Hampshire


“We went around the lake, which provides a flat surface, and we went on trails in the woods. We really like the stability and the skiing motion. We are still getting used to the way we need to use them. There is less glide to the skishoes than to conventional skis, obviously, but climbing hills is much easier. We really like the concept and function.”

Peg in Two Rivers, Wisconsin


“Went out in 2 feet plus of snow, so they acted more like snow shoe. However, because of their design, once I got the technique down, they do act more like cross country skies. I was out for two hours. I am very excited about them, and several people have asked about them. Now have been out about four times and each time better.  Know anyone that wants to buy traditional snowshoes??? Just kidding.”

Don in Mammoth Lakes, California


“Have used them now about 8 or 9 times. As a snowshoe…AWESOME!!!  Work right in between a cross-country ski and snowshoe. Cannot imagine ever using my snowshoes again. Once I got the different technique, they rocked!!!!”

Don again in Mammoth Lakes, California


“I enjoyed meeting you and trying out the skishoes on Saturday. I placed an order and can't wait for them to arrive.”

Tim in New Hampshire


“They're fun! I love them, but like anything, they work best given certain conditions and when using certain features. I prefer them over my snowshoes, but in some cases, snowshoes are definitely best. As you know with sports equipment, conditions drive the choice of the tool. I wouldn't ride my mountain bike on a 300-mile road ride, and I wouldn’t ride my road bike in 3 inches of sand. Great product. Keep it up!”

Chris in Bend, Oregon


“We have had a few demos! Our skiers and snowshoers thought they were great! I thought they skied well in fresh snow and loved the flotation in the deep powder. I thought they would ski better on hardpack icy conditions. But the fins made them act more like crampons--probably a good thing! I think you have a nice product with these!”

Cross-country ski shop in Oxford, Maine


“I see the concept of your skishoes. Why would anybody buy snowshoes?”

Marsha from Philadelphia after skiing on cross-country skis on a trail in New York along with Tom Gibson on skishoes



View our video

Tom Gibson cavorting on gently rolling terrain in a foot of powder:

Music: "Sunshine" by Kevin MacLeod