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Trackers Skishoes
2942 Mexico Rd.
Milton, PA 17847


Many options available for Trackers Skishoes


With Snowshoe Bindings
With snowshoe bindings
With NNN cross-country ski bindings
With NNN cross-country ski bindings
With NNNBC cross-country ski bindings
With NNNBC cross-country ski bindings
With SNS ski bindings (SNS)
With SNS ski bindings (SNS)

Measuring 6.75" wide, our hybrid snowshoe is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. This results in a base similar to conventional skis and allows us to put fish scales, like those seen on cross-country skis, in for adding climbing power. A pair of 33" skishoes weighs about 8 pounds and can handle up to about 180 pounds of weight and general conditions, while a pair of 41" skishoes weighs about 10 pounds and works for bigger folks and deeper powder. The 33" models come in black and the 41" in red.


Modular design is the name of the game with Trackers gliding snowshoes. The user’s foot attaches to the skishoe in free-heel fashion by means of either a standard cross-country ski binding or a snowshoe binding mounted to the platform. For snowshoers, we offer a Redfeather binding that works by way of our specially designed hinge adapter. For skiers, the skishoe is available equipped with a NNN or NNNBC (back country) binding as well as the Salomon SNS binding or a three-pin binding. Or you can purchase a blank skishoe without a binding and mount the binding of your choice (your local ski shop could do that).


Cross-country skiers that have boots for the sport would typically use a model with the ski binding, while snowshoers and non-skiers would use the model with a snowshoe binding, which doesn’t require a special boot. A hiking boot, or something similar, will work.


Two accessories are available for Trackers: removable crampons and climbing skins. Each is carried in a pocket or pack, so the user can easily install them in the field when needed. The crampons bolt across the bottom to provide more grip and basically turn the ski into a snowshoe for walking up and down slopes that are too icy, steep, and narrow to ski. Similar to that used with cross-country and alpine touring skis, the climbing skin has a sticky bottom and attachment devices at the tip and tail. Made of nylon hair-like fibers, it grips going uphill to give more climbing power but glides when skied forward or downhill. Skins are available only for the 33" skishoes.




We sell Trackers online through this website and in a few ski and outdoor shops. We’re setting up shops as distributors, so shop personnel should let us know of their interest.


Trackers Skishoes retail prices:

  • 33" Blank (no bindings): 145.00/pair
  • 33" With snowshoe bindings: 240.00/pair
  • 33" With NNN bindings: 190.00/pair
  • 33" With NNN BC (backcountry) bindings: 240.00/pair
  • 33" With SNS bindings: 225.00/pair
  • 33" With 3-pin bindings: 175.00/pair
  • 41" Blank (no bindings): 160.00/pair
  • 41" With snowshoe bindings: 260.00/pair
  • 41" With NNN bindings: 205.00/pair
  • 41" With NNN BC (backcountry) bindings: 260.00/pair
  • 41" With SNS bindings: 240.00/pair
  • 41" With 3-pin bindings: 190.00/pair


  • Climbing skins: 120.00 (pair)
  • Removable crampons: 80.00 (pair)


With 3-pin bindings
With 3-pin bindings
Blanks, without bindings
Blanks, without bindings


Crampons secure with easy-to use knobs for deployment in the field
Crampons secure with easy-to use
knobs for deployment in the field
Climbing skin attaches at tip and tail
Climbing skin attaches at tip and tail


Brent Linde of Lancaster, PA climbs and then descends a hill on the BREIA trails on Egypt Road near Alder Creek, NY:

Music: "Guts and Bourbon" by Kevin MacLeod